Safety of Funds Security

Safety of our client’s funds & satisfaction is our top priority.

At Arrow trade, we recognize that successful traders need to focus completely on their trading without any concerns about the security of their funds.

To address this, we have implemented extra precautions to ensure your funds are safeguarded at sufficient levels.

Segregated Customer Funds

the utmost responsibility and security. At Arrow Trade , we understand the importance of safeguarding our clients' funds, and as such, holding them in segregated accounts with reputable banks and financial institutions is a top priority. We strongly discourage the use of customer funds for any of our own fiscal needs, thereby ensuring the protection and peace of mind of our valued clients.

Secured Member Area

Arrow Trade provides a secure and protected dashboard for every client, where they can conduct their trading activities with confidence. The dashboard is equipped with advanced encryption protocols and state-of-the-art detection systems to identify and prevent any suspicious activities, ensuring the highest level of security and safety for clients' personal areas.

High Regulatory Standards

Arrow Trade places great importance on the safety and protection of its clients' funds. The company strives to provide a risk-free environment that gives clients peace of mind when investing their funds. As a regulated broker, Arrow Trade adheres to strict regulatory standards and takes every precaution to ensure the security of its clients' funds through comprehensive policies and measures


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